February 11, 2021

A Beautiful Wedding during a Pandemic

Like most suppliers, we haven't exactly been inundated with work this past few months so it was an absolute pleasure to be chosen to supply our Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography Packages to a lovely wedding at the stunning Blackwell Grange Hotel last month.

The guests were wonderfully behaved, kept their masks on the entire time (other than for the odd photography) and we all had a fantastic time. We usually cover parties for 80+ wedding guests, but the 17 at this one certainly made themselves known and it was a wonderful celebration. A lot of our clients are worried about having a wedding within the current regulations but it can work wonderfully provided you're happy with limited numbers.

Although the numbers allowed at a ceremony has now been reduced (since the 22nd of September) to only 15 people, this doesn't include anyone working (videographers etc. etc.) so you can have 13 members of your friends and family come along. We can also offer some beautiful extras such as our stunning Mood Lighting and microphones for speeches etc. Just get in touch for further information!

We used multiple cameras to record the ceremony allowing us to include some shots of the guests as well as close-ups of the couple. This is all included as standard in our videography packages. We also use lapel microphones to capture high-quality audio so you'll hear everything from your ceremony and we're happy to include any music you'd like to go along with it. Please check out our video section for some examples!

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